Campaign against hawkers in Ghatkoper – 3

For those who are not aware – 3
Sudha Park is one of prime locality of Ghatkopar just because of one reason that there is no commercial establishments in that area and more over there are no hawkers.
This is to caution the residents of Sudha & Shanti Park…..Be Aware….they have started encroaching your beautiful area by sending vegetables vendors and the residents are buying from them…It is there first success of encroachment and your failure. 
Please note they all waiting at the corner near Nathpai Nagar to occupy your roads, footpaths, building gates, they will make your place miserable to stay, the antisocial activity will pop-up to spoil your young kids…!
JAGO JAGO stop buying from hawkers, initially they will sell cheap just to get established and later they will blackmail you.
It is a organised gang stop patronage hawkers,  or one day Sudha Park will become hawkers paradise – Yogesh Dawda

Campaign against hawkers in Ghatkopar – 2

For those who are not aware – 2
From Ghatkopar (West) station to Parmanand lane to MG road to LBS marg. There are 1000s of hawkers sitting in 3 lines. One touching to compound wall, two on the footpaths and 3 on the middle of the road.
They are blocking main gates of the residential buildings, they are blocking entrance of the shops, also blocking traffic movements and no space for pedestrians to walk.
They have free electrical supply, water connections and pay no taxes and this burden ultimately comes on us.
They are cancer to our society, they spread fast like cancer, If you don’t stop buying then one day you will find them sitting at your doorstep and YOU CAN DO NOTHING…!!!
JAGO JAGO if our soldiers can give there life if someone encroaches our border, then why can’t we stop, if this hawkers encroaches our life – Yogesh Dawda

Campaign against hawkers in Ghatkopar – 1

For those who are not aware – 1
Ghatkopar newly elected corporaters Parag Shah, Raakhi Jadhav & Bindunen Trivedi are fighting with BMC authorities to overcome the hawkers menace. 
It is not possible without the support of you “The Residents of Ghatkopar” please stop encouraging the hawkers boycott them, they have encroached our roads, footpaths, obstructing traffic, blocking our gates, this hawkers are  migrated from Kalwa & Mumbra etc.
Don’t show any sympathy to them, it’s a organised gang….there DON is operating from unknown locations, they even threatens to those you try to remove them.
JAGO JAGO let us join our hands together with our Municipal Counsellors and clean up our  beautiful

Ghatkopar…! – Yogesh Dawda


YUGPURUSH – I like the concept of this play where Mahatma Gandhi narrates his experiences and the knowledge he gained from Shrimad Rajchandra, I liked the script, dailouges and the technical aspects of this play, not forgetting the mind-blowing performances by all the artists.

I knew that Mahatma Gandhi was inspired by Shrimad Rajchandra, i was always wondering how was Shrimad Rajchandra got inspired?  After watching this play I came to know how Shrimad Rajchandra got inspired.
When he was just 8 years old, a man died on Middle of the road and people around uttered “gujari gaya” he was confused what does “gujari gaya” means, his grandfather explained him that “gujari gaya” means when our soul departs from our body to eternity means “gujari gaya” and that was the beginning of his journey of soul searching.
First enlightenment he achieved was he remembered his past 7 births, he started his spiritual journey towards​ breaking​ the cycle of life and death and to attain moksha!
Like his younger brother confesses before Gandhiji that he did not understood the signals of Shrimad Rajchandra that his journey on this earth is getting over, similarly I am sure many of in audience also didn’t understand his philosophy, I heard the applause on good dialogues but everytime good thoughts were missed.
The spirit like Shrimad Rajchandra takes birth once in the 100 years and great philosopher and scholar like Gurudev Rakesh bhai takes it forward to make us understand all must watch this beautiful play – Big thank you from Yogesh Dawda

Ghazi Attack – My Viewpoint

Ghazi Attack – My Viewpoint
The film does not cut any corners on underwater shots of ship damage, leaking, hissing and sputtering as they turn leeward and starboard. At the same time Naval soldiers are unshaven, unkempt and sweat at the possibility of going food-less for a day.

It’s a story of Pakistani  PNS Ghazi vs INS Rajput submarine battle, when Pakistani ship was infiltrating Indian waters, Ghazi intends to target INS Vikrant.
Power packed performances by Kay Kay Menon as a aggressive Capt.  Singh, Rana Duggabati as pragmatic officer Arjun and Atul Kulkarni as Singh’s loyal second in command, Tapsee Pani as Bangladeshi refugee and Rahul Singh plays Pakistani captain Rassaq with much dishevelled splendour.

Great efforts taken for making first underwater movie, showing crisis-at-sea and kept the audience under tensed as submarines goes head to head, laying the land mines under the sea, firing torpedoes, dodging and defending themselves, despite visual and special effects were not up to the mark but director sailed Ghazi successfully. It’s worth watching – Yogesh Dawda