Is Sania Pregnant?

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik

The broken marriages of Pakistani Cricketers Moshin Khan & Reena Roy she came back to India with a child; Imran Khan & Jemima she went back to UK with her 2 kids; latest Sohaib Malik and Ayesha Siddique also Sania Mirza, it is a Yash Chopra’s love triangle.

After calling off her engagements with Sorab Mirza within few weeks she got engaged with Shoaib Malik and in other few days fixed her marriage date 15/04/2010 with venue (menu) in Hyderabad, why she is in hurry? Both are on the peak of there career, so why can’t they put marriage on hold? Is Sania pregnant?

 Ayesha was pregnant and had miscarriage, it is confirmed by her doctor as well by her family, while Shoaib said that he never met Ayesha personally, but to her sister Maha apa, He further clarified that he did  not have any physical relation with Ayesha, since they never met.

In reply Ayesha sent her Wedding Night dress to Police claiming that it contains the stains of Shoaib semen, it looks Ayesha is too smart to preserved her dress like Monica Lewinski.

What made Shoaib to sign the Divorce paper? Since day one he was confidently denying the charges against him from Ayesha Siddiqui, what was that secret consultation he had with Sania and her family? He must have got a piece of advice that if got in the legal tangle than the marriage will get delayed indefinitely.

In Muslim law you may have 4 wives but for sure you cannot have a child before marriage, so if she is really pregnant than both may have to face Fatwa? Rather get married and fly to safe heaven Dubai!!!


4 responses to “Is Sania Pregnant?

  1. It is definitely smart move by Ayesha or Maha Apa, anyway, whoever. Lot of confusion here !!
    This was calculated move to make money by preserving stain semen clothes for so many years.

    Be careful !!

  2. Yogesh bhai.. your Doubt is correct !!!

    But, I feel… she must have got pregnant many times before too.. and that is reflecting in her game too.. anyways.. nothing to say..

    another triangle.. the controversial area of J&K , GILGEET – CM of Gilgeet has asked them to come over for Honeymoon.. and if they do so.. the official protocol shall be provided.. now .. tell them.. Honeymoon was already going on for last 3-4 months or may be more than that.. and its over now.. They are MArrying now…

    Palash Pandey

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